Hello! I'm Rio, a UX Designer with passion. And here is my work.


Eureka - Network monitoring solution powered by Machine Learning


Feature Analytics Services - BI tool for non data experts

Cisco Jabber Redesign - Material Design and Motion Design

Technical Assistance Decision Support - Customer Support intel system backed by Machine Learning

Starview Orion - Real-time Data Analytics and Dashboard

Partner Support Service Sales Opportunity Dashboard

IoT Rule Builder

Autonomous Robot - Automatic Building Maintenance

More Coming
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Talented senior/lead level user experience designer who has discerning eyes and mind for extracting insights necessary to shape a great user experience design combined with field-tested creative processes and design expertise that optimize end-to-end flow of product and significantly improve user engagement as a result.

6+ years of success in industry designing complex B2B and data visualization products with trackable record.

Personal data

Live in: California USA, San Jose

Phone: +1 650 380 2907

E-mail: iam@riomatsumoto.com


San Jose State University

MS in Human Factors

Aoyama Gakuin University

BA in History


Although I'm dubbed as "Designer" I believe user research is the staple of my experience design process. I layout all data and information I learned from my research into visuals so that we can have end-to-end flow and problem view as one contextual scenario.

Based on this artifact, I start actual designing. After a few iterations of idea exploration, I make quick prototype to test and validate ideas further, eliminating critical issues in a process. I’m a habitual communicater of my ideas and work-in-progress design with my peers. I really love creating school-project-like atmosphere where we are equal, frank, and sometimes professionally inappropriate...I think it's a good team culture.

I always put my first priority as to deliver something we can proud of, not only as an individual, but also as a team.


Senior User Experience Designer - Cisco Systems2014 - Present

Main and major contributor to product concept, experience/flow, including but not limited to, UI/interaction designs as well as all user researches in several projects such as global enterprise web applications, IoT monitoring and analytics, security, business intelligence, machine learning and cognitive systems, autonomous robot console, and many other experimental projects.

A product I worked had won IoT Evolution Asset Tracking Product award and Cisco Service Excellence award (internal award) among 180 nominees

Principal User Experience Designer - Starview Inc.2011 - 2014

Worked as the principal UX designer in Starview Inc. and was responsible to all front-end designs and user researches. Also contributed in product concept as user advocate. Worked on several real-time/big data/machine learning analytics applications on desktop and mobiles.

Closely worked with clients such as Hitachi Technologies, Delta Airline, Toshiba, Raytheon, and many other prominent companies.

Project Manager - Kintetsu International/Kinki Nippon Tourist2004 - 2008

I had been managing over one hundred Japanese school trip projects per year, which involved meticulous preparations from a year prior to a travel date and accurate execution due to the nature of school trips which are typically with over 100 students and teachers. Managed parallel operations and convoluted school travel booking systems of transportations and hotels for years.

Woody Koubou - Web Designer1998 - 2004

I designed and maintained ecommerce construction company website as a web designer, which consisted of data-driven components and dynamic Flash. I was also responsible to SEO and online advertisement management.

I'm always looking for exciting opportunities!

+1 650 380 2907

San Jose, CA